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Who we are

Remaflow BV is part of the Jadiflow group.
Jadiflow supplies hygienic process components such as pumps and valves. Remaflow supplies a supplementary product package of process components and supports Jadiflow with spare parts and service on their pumps and valves. Remaflow also supplies spare parts and service on pumps and valves from other common brands.

Mission statement

Remaflow BV’s mission is to unburden our customers by offering a specialized product package for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Through exclusive distribution and cooperation agreements, Remaflow BV delivers a balanced product range.

We also offer 24-hour on-site service on pumps and valves. Lowering your maintenance costs is our priority. To achieve this, we have high-quality spare parts and specialized service engineers.


Jadiflow BVBA supplies CSF Group Italia process components such as hygienic pumps and
valves in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

De Service of Remaflow

Maintenance is very important: it can considerably extend the life of your equipment.

Remaflow BV can take care of this maintenance for you. This is possible both at your location and in our workshop, where the service engineers take care of your equipment.

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Always spare parts in stock

We keep spare parts in stock at Remaflow for all delivered products. Of course our suppliers have large quantities of spare parts and be able to deliver quickly if necessary.

Curious about prices or technical possibilities

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