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Inox-Fer s.r.l.

Located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, Inox-Fer designs, manufactures and sells cutting edge equipment for the food and beverage industry on international markets. Founded as a manufacturer of mixing system, today Inox-Fer delivers also advanced cutting and cooking machines inspired by the trickiest challenging facing every food processor.

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Skilled, unique & exclusive machines

Inox-Fer solutions are made in Italy by skilled hands that design and build unique, exclusive machines. Tailor-made to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Those who choose Inox-Fer want high performance and reliability, versatility and ease of ease, but above all they are looking for a tailor-made machine that can guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

Product range Inox-Fer

The Inox-Fer product range consists of the following items

ProMix Mixers

Inox-Fer ProMix mixers dissolve perfectly multiple types of additives, starting from a low viscosity to products that are highly difficult to dissolve. The liquid is recirculating while the solids are manually or automatically added through the hopper. Several preparation tanks can be connected to the mixer. ProMix is designed for the dissolution of solids in the applications of the food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Dissolution of sugar for the beverage production, milk reconstitution, syrup production, brine preparation, milk product premixtures and ice-cream production are some of its applications.

ProCut industrial cooking mixer

The ProCut industrial food cutter has been designed with the purpose of obtaining a finished product, starting directly from the raw materials and using a single piece of equipment in a single work cycle. As a matter of fact, with ProCut you can, starting from raw materials, cut, mix, cook at temperatures as high as 120°c or under vacuum, homogenize, concentrate and cool the desired product in a single working cycle before it is sent directly to the filling phase. Thanks to its versatility ProCut finds applications in many different industries such as sauces & ready melas, confectionery and dairy.

Vacuum concentration system

Vacuum concentration system is the best solution in the production of products such as jam, marmalades, sauces and seasonings.

The vacuum processing allows to concentrate, cook and de-aerate the product at lower temperatures ensuring a final product of excellent quality able to preserve its original organoleptic properties.