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Carollo srl – Ygros

Carollo srl is an innovative engineering company based is Zanè (Italy) with over 40 years experience in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In 2010 Carollo srl founded its YGROS Valves division.

YGROS Valves is an innovative company which produces and sells an original product: patented magnetic check valves (no spring)! With this innovation the company won several international awards and become renowned worldwide, with growing sales year after year.

The magnetic check valves are mostly used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, thanks to their spring free technology, which can grant high hygienic standards. YGROS Valves is continuing to innovate and research, developing brand new solutions.

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Hygienic non-return valve

The hygienic non-return valve fully meets the ever higher demands of the market with regard to hygiene. The non-return valve is made from one piece of solid 316L stainless steel. Thanks to the smooth finish and the design without spring and blind spots, this valve is very easy to clean.

The hygienic non-return valve is specially designed for companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Features hygienic check valve

  • Standard with 0.8 Ra internal roughness value, up to 0.4 Ra is possible
  • No feather and dead corners
  • Opening pressure in horizontal position is 0.05 bar
  • Available in AISI 316L and Duplex
  • Available with all common couplings and elastomers

Benefits of hygienic non-return valve

  • No spring and dead corners, therefore very easy to clean
  • Energy saving
  • Available with all common couplings and elastomers

The valves from RemaFlow are among the best in the world in terms of hygienic design and robustness

Product range Ygros

The Ygros product range consists of the following items

Ygros EDF

For food and pharmaceutical applications

Ygros Pharmaball

For pharmaceutical applications

Ygros Aggroball

For chemical applications

Ygros Wafer

For food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications